Moneyvest offers loans for ownership transfer and for the purchase of a vehicle. The company’s client can be both an entrepreneur running his own business activity as well as a natural person. In the case of secured loans, the only condition is a car or van (up to 3.5t). Interestingly, the company also provides loans for the purchase of a car. Important information is the fact that the lender verifies the creditworthiness of the BIK, BIG or KRD borrower. The company’s asset is competent managerial staff. People responsible for managing the company and the product have many years of experience gained in banking, leasing and insurance companies. The company describes its loans as pleasant and secure. For this reason, Moneyvest is an ideal option for people who quickly need a large amount of cash for any purpose.

Borrow today through an instant online title loan 

If the customer meets the above requirements, he can go to stansmithloans website and apply for an instant online title loan. The entire commitment is paid in installments. The time to settle the liability is from 12 to 48 months. The process of applying for a loan is not complicated. Filling out the registration form should take a maximum of several minutes. To receive the necessary cash, simply follow five simple steps:

  1. Entering vehicle data at Moneyvest. As a result, the lender will be able to provide preliminary information on the amount of the loan a potential customer can receive.
  2. The borrower fills out his personal data and provides information about the vehicle in order to prepare the loan agreement by representatives of Moneyvest.
  3. Borrower’s vehicle valuation. Accordingly, an appointment is established with an appraiser who performs a valuation confirming the value of the car. *
  4. Signing the loan agreement. To this end, an employee of the company is contacted by an employee of Moneyvest and agreed on the details related to signing the documents. Also formalities are carried out in the communication department (entry in the registration certificate and vehicle card) and the required insurance is concluded.
  5. Payment of the loan to the borrower’s bank account. Money is paid out within 24 hours of signing the contract and establishing all required collateral.

Up to PLN 100,000 for a car in Moneyvest

A mortgage loan in Moneyvest consists in the borrower’s transfer of ownership of his vehicle to the installment loan company. The minimum loan amount is PLN 10,000 and the maximum is PLN 100,000. The consumer repayment period is set at 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. The lender requires his clients to pay their liabilities in installments. Interestingly, the company does not require income certificates. Therefore, the unemployed can benefit from the Moneyvest offer.

A loan for the purchase of a car up to PLN 100,000 for 48 months

A loan for the purchase of a car up to PLN 100,000 for 48 months

Moneyvest grants loans for the purchase of a car. Returnable financing may cover companies and individuals. The borrower must be at least 21 years old and cannot exceed 71. The maximum loan amount may be PLN 100,000. The amount of the commitment granted is set at 65 percent. vehicle values. The financial product is offered for passenger cars and vans (up to 3.5 tonnes). In the case of a loan for purchase, a non-bank institution also does not require income statements. However, it is likely that the company will check the presence of a potential customer in BIK, BIG and KRD.

Comfortable car quote

Comfortable car quote

Moneyvest on its website offers potential clients a quick and reliable estimate of the probable loan. To do this, simply complete the simple form. The questionnaire should include such data as: make, model and type of car. You must also specify the mileage of the car and the date of its first registration. In order to contact, the borrower’s basic details are also required, i.e. email address and telephone number.

Requirements in Moneyvest

Moneyvest does not require income certificates. The money lender must be between 21 and 70 years old. The main condition for getting a loan is having a car. In addition, only one person can own a car. An additional requirement is that the car owner should be the borrower. obliges its customers to present a vehicle card and two sets of keys. The covered vehicle must be a passenger car that is up to 12 years old. The lender requires that no collateral be established in the car. An additional condition that must be met is the obligation to have a civil liability policy.