Does your financial life seem like a whirlpool? Don’t you know what your money was and why you find it so difficult to save? Without a doubt, controlling your finances is essential to improve your quality of life.

Clearly identifying your shopping habits and knowing how you can manage better is the key to obtaining a quieter and happier economic situation.

It will be worth your time to better manage your money. This will allow you to keep up with your regular payments, save, settle debts and you can even set goals and achieve them without losing balance.

This is the year so that your personal finances are more than healthy, with the following tips we have for you you will get it:

Evaluate what happened financially in 2018


In order to get an overview of your current situation, we recommend that you write down what happened in your finances during 2018. To do this, use a notebook, Excel, Word or the tool that you most facilitate and prefer.

As the first item for the control of finances place “My expenses”, there make a list of your expenses that includes food, income, personal items, outings with friends and absolutely everything that comes to mind.

Try to be detailed, point the product or service and its amount or an approximate aside; To help you, you could check your account statements. In the end, classify each point as “priority” or “non-priority”, “indispensable” or “luxury”.

Also add a section called “My Savings,” where you write how much money you saved from your 2018 income.

Another one about “Finance errors”, which mentions excessive or impulse purchases, acquisition of high-interest debts and whatever comes to mind.

And finally one that says “Out of my hands” where unexpected notes that unbalanced your accounts, such as urgent repairs to your home or car, diseases and others.

Make a budget

Make a budget

Now that you are more aware of your shopping habits, our advice is that you have a personal budget to know precisely what you want to do with your money.

This will help you to manage your finances in an optimal way, so that you cover what is necessary, reach goals and be prepared for any inconvenience.

To do this, in a new sheet or document, classify your expenses as “fixed” and “variable” . In the first item place what you have to cover month by months such as rent, services, card payments or insurance.

In the second it adds expenses that can be modified from one month to another, such as unforeseen disbursements or leisure activities.

Subsequently, determine a spending limit amount for each section and even for each point and start sticking to that.

In a complementary way, make a section for “emergencies”, which allows you to be warned of what is not contemplated; and another of “savings”, where you land any of your goals, from going to Europe for a month, to buy your own apartment.

To each one, assign a monthly income amount. Remember to be realistic and assign adequate amounts to your current situation, which you can commit to comply with.

A calendar is very useful

A calendar is very useful

Making a calendar to manage your finances will make it easier for you to remember the days of payment cuts; In addition, it will give you the panorama you need to better plan and prevent the main expenses of the year.

By having this contemplated, you will avoid using your credit card or other loans in an uncontrolled manner; and if you use such options, you will be able to do it in a more planned way, with a debt thought to be liquidated quickly and generate the lowest possible losses.

Plasma this information will help you always keep it in mind; So, at a glance you will remember the strong disbursements of each month, to be ready at the moment.

Simply write down the months with your most relevant expenses and place this data in a visible place. In January you could include the property tax, or reservations at a special price for your next Easter trip.

In February you can record the annual maintenance of your car and so on. Surely you will want to give your parents a unique gift in their day and celebrate your grandmother’s birthday with a detail that she does not forget.

Also, if you like to buy on sale, you’ll love being ready to take advantage of the Good End; and you will feel calm if you consider the holidays in time.

Settle your debts

Settle your debts

The starting point to have great financial control is to eliminate your debts in a smart way. The reality is that even a simple loan can become a nightmare, but you don’t have to suffer from such a situation.

By covering your debts you will avoid continuing interest capital leaks, which give you the feeling of infinite payments and that affect your finances. Focus on it so you can continue your financial career in a healthy way.

And if you ask yourself, how will I do it? What will be a good alternative? We are here to help you.

We can give you an example of our services with Pedro, who used his credit card and when he needed more time to pay, he asked us to defer his balance to 12 months.

He owed $ 10,000 pesos and obtained the opportunity to cover that amount in comfortable monthly installments of $ 1,131 pesos until liquidated.

We absorb your debt and give you that facility to defer at a much lower cost; You can enjoy comfortable payment terms, and you will get more time to pay your credit cards. Use Wolf Lending and get rid of debts today, your pocket will thank you.

Pay attention to your personal finances so that your life takes a complete turn towards well-being. Know what your buying habits of 2018 are, to make changes that will improve you.

Also, implement a personal budget and control all your income and expenses in order to boost your capital and reach your goals. Visualize by means of a calendar the important expenses that you will have to do during the year and do not let them take you off guard.

And mainly, start with the right foot and leave any debt behind. Simplify your finances with these tips and you will see that after applying them for a few months your financial landscape will improve significantly.

It does not have to be a complicated experience, invest in yourself and develop in this area, so you will maintain your peace of mind and get what you want.