Is it worth buying a car in Estonia and bringing it to Finland, or does the wheelchair take all the savings from the lower price? By spring, the purchase of a car will certainly start to tickle. It sounds like a nice idea to combine a car rental and a boat trip to Estonia, and after the trip, you could even get home by car.

Cars can also be ordered from overseas through dealers in pre-packaged packages, without having to deal with the authorities themselves. Also, remember that car financing can save you money by tendering, and you should take care of the financing before buying the car.

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Cars are comparatively cheaper in Estonia, and there are many stories on the internet that save thousands of euros in car purchase. However, it cannot be said that the sales price in Estonia would always be cheaper when glued on taxes and government fees than in Finland. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some valuation calculations before buying a car.

If you buy a used car, the dealership will most likely find the car corresponding to the description, with no distortion of the odometer and service book. Of course, even a private seller can make a discovery. What factors, then, affect the final price of a car, and what does all the paperwork have to go through in the process?

If you have decided to buy a car in Estonia, you will have to go through several official articles. Before you buy a car, you need to find out the following information:

  • Ownership of the seller
  • Vehicle Serial Number
  • Actual mileage
  • Compliance in Finland, eg nitrogen approval and mandatory equipment
  • CO 2 emission data

After you have made your purchase decision about the car, be sure to make the right deeds of ownership, the certificate of ownership. If you are driving a vehicle before registering it in Finland, you must remember to submit a declaration of acceptance to the Tax Administration, which will receive an electronic confirmation. This is the evidence to be kept on the go when printed or on mobile.

Register the vehicle


It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to register the vehicle, obtain motor insurance and make sure it is roadworthy. If the car is registered in Estonia (Estonian number plates and national identification number), it must be removed from the register at the car registration center and keep all the certificates with it: registration, deregistration and roadworthiness certificate. It is a good idea to schedule your trip to the reception center’s business hours.

In addition, you need motor third party liability insurance, which can often be purchased online before you have the Good Finance. It is also possible to obtain these documents from Estonia.

However, a car is subject to a tax based largely on its CO 2 emissions. The car tax return must be filed with the tax authorities within five days of the vehicle being filed. The tax administration will not disclose the exact amount of tax in advance, but you can get a reference from these tables.

Taxes must be paid within 15 days of the date of the decision. If the car is in business, the situation may be different in terms of tax deductions. Remember to make other tax deductions on your tax return too!

Car tax is paid

Car tax is paid

The vehicle must be subject to a registration inspection at any authorized test station before the car tax is paid. The inspection must include a previous registration certificate and a possible statement as to whether the vehicle meets the Finnish requirements. Attaching the certificate of registration to the documents submitted to the tax administration will speed up the processing of taxes.

In addition to the purchase price of a car, comparing car financing can help you save money. Before buying a private car, it is a good idea to have a car loan ready. Remember to look at the loan price differences from our car loan comparison!