Since the invention of the internet and the arrival of mobile devices, many tasks were facilitated. Both in school, work or daily life. There are currently applications for everything from organizing budgets, counting calories and even to make sure that food arrives at the door of our house … they are a whole new lifestyle!

Some more useful than others, mobile applications streamline different tasks and save time, which is another way to save money too.

If your organization is not yours, the following information will help you increase your productivity and stop wasting time, modernize!

At work: No more emails! Please…


It is a very simple application that helps freelance work teams. You can keep track of personal projects or group tasks, by specific department of a company, for example design, operations, etc.

In the same application, the administrator can be aware of the progress of the entire group and assign tasks. Each member, meanwhile, uploads their progress to be reviewed, which considerably reduces the tedious mailing. The interface is very nice and simple, to motivate everyone to get to the last process of work.

Mail Merge


If part of your daily work is sending mass emails, for example: special announcements, announcements, invitations or any other message; Mail Merge is a tool that will save you hours, so you don’t have to send one by one. The tool personalizes messages, all you will do is organize the list of contacts to whom you want to send emails.

Computer slow? quiet

Computer slow? quiet

Having a slow computer is one of the most stressful things in modern life. If it is an old or flat model you have it saturated, the most effective way to help is to format the machine from time to time. Do not forget to backup your files before.

Another alternative is to clean files you don’t use and use internet storage tools, such as the Apple cloud or Dropbox.

Who invented the bank’s app: 

For other daily activities there are hundreds of applications, but few as useful as the mobile version of your bank. Useful for making deposits, paying the credit card or paying for services, the app is usually free for customers of each bank, ask yours and download it as soon as possible.